ke5c's hf mobile mounting bracket

The next five pictures address mounting the FT-857's control head in a Toyota Highlander.
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My Toyota Highlander has very little unused dash/console space. Thank heaven for radio's with removable control heads! Nevertheless, finding a location for the control head of my FT-857 that was both convenient, relatively visible without taking my eyes completely off the road ahead, and still non-destructive led me to the center dash area.
The trim piece is removed by pulling straight to dislodge eight trim connectors. I decided to mount the FT-857's control head just above the CD slot and as far to the left as practical. This would cover the lower portion of the heat and airconditioning controls, but they would still be relatively accessible. In this position, I think I will be able to glance at the FT-857 while the windshield and whatever is ahead is still in view. Note the notches made with a Dremel tool for the bracket.
I bent a mounting bracket using 1/16 inch thick, one inch wide aluminum I purchased at my local Lowe's. This was a tradeoff between rigidity and workability with simple tools. The bracket mounts using two existing screws - see below. The antenna up/down switch is the red object at the left, and the back side of the FT-857 control head bracket is the black object.
This view, shot threw the steering wheel, shows the bracket in place held by one of two existing screws.
Reassembled, the trim strip covers the details of the mounting bracket. The heat and air conditioning controls are partially behind the bracket but easily accessible and turn freely.
Finally, the bracket has been painted and the control head mounting position lowered slightly. See for full installation details.
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last revised: July 30, 2006